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Review: Blitz! A World in Conflict:: A Fantastic Strategic Level Game

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Author Topic: Review: Blitz! A World in Conflict:: A Fantastic Strategic Level Game  (Read 1050 times) Bookmark and Share
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« on: January 12, 2016, 10:00:05 PM »

Review: Blitz! A World in Conflict:: A Fantastic Strategic Level Game

by Bjorne

Blitz , A World in Conflic is a strategic level game covering all of WWII. I have really wanted to see a simpler game than WiF and A World at War that does this. A&A feels to gamey to me and was never a real contender for the niche for me (I have played a lot of WiF during the 5e era and have played A&A many times). So how does it deliver?
First a disclaimer: This is not a complete review, I have not played the whole war in its entirety yet, so it is more of first impressions maybe.

For this I refer the reader to my video-series covering 3 turns of the "Empire of the Rising Sun"-scenario:

These videos will show 90% of all mechanics used in the game (importantly convoy attacks, neutral entry and partisans are missing). For those who just want my opinion: Gameplay is fast and smooth. Strategic level decisions (where do I focus, what do I build) intertwined with TONS of tactical choices each turn (should I base this air-unit there or there, should I attack that area first or that area). You will rarely lose all units with one roll. This has two implications: 1. Attrition and (re-)production is important (it is a Stategic-level game after all). 2. Individual dice-rolls will be important, but never define the game outcome (which is great!).

The components are fine. Standard wargame quality I would say. Cardboard chits and a paper map. Personally I would have preferred smaller counters actually, but I suspect I am alone with this opinion. The large counters are almost always too big to put anywhere without covering up map information.  Other than that I think the components are very functional and small map footprint with lots of info printed directly on it is great.

The rules
The rules are hard to use as a reference. They work ok when trying the starting scenarios, but are very difficult to use once you have a specific question about a situation. That being said, the rules are not difficult and I expect most people will be able to learn them by themselves in an hour or so by reading the rules, pushing around some counters on the map and a few visits to the Rules section on BGG .  A separate rules reference structured more like something like the ASL rules would be great to have in addition to the current rules.

This is a fantastic game that fills a niche that no other game has even tried to fill (other than I guess A&A). It feels like a real wargame covering the whole war, yet I can actually find the time to play it.
Source: Review: Blitz! A World in Conflict:: A Fantastic Strategic Level Game

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