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Profile (TW) is a website community that focuses on promotion of the tabletop gaming hobby in the Philippines. It is independently owned by regular tabletop game hobbyists and is neutral or unbiased in treating all information posted in the website as long as available rules are strictly followed. aims to gather and share information about the various genre and types of tabletop games and to act as a communication tool for use of the Site Members regardless of their affiliations, groups, or gaming preferences. It hopes to unite the different goals of the Site Members and Groups and to provide more exposure for the games.

Being a member of does not mean you are required to be a member of any Group. But it does not prevent you to join any as there are some features in the website that can be accessible/enabled only to Site Members who are also Group Members. invites everyone who are interested in the hobby and all tabletop gaming Groups to use the website as the center of their online activities. Doing so is highly advantageous as they can better showcase their favorite games and/or promote their Group(s) to their proper target audience. aims to be as flexible as possible and to conform to the needs of the Site Members. Meaning, the website is fully dedicated to all tabletop game enthusiasts and is generally "fueled" by their passion for the hobby. If you are a Site Member, this is YOUR website! Help it grow to what you want it to be.

Staff is totally run by volunteers. If you are logged-in, the Staff listing can be viewed by clicking here.

We are always in the lookout for volunteers who can help move forward. The usual tasks we need help with are:

- Moderating the Forum
- Regular contribution of articles related to the hobby
- Creating/producing marketing collaterals as needed
- Moderating games when there are special activities/events
- Manning the venue when there are special activities/events

If you want to offer help by being a volunteer, please contact us at info (at)
Contact Information
If you have any inquiries or suggestions, you can contact the ff. personnel:


For General Concerns, send e-mail to info (at)
For Technical Concerns, send e-mail to webmaster (at)
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Support is run by volunteers and it continues to exist because of donations. To show your support, the best way is to send us monetary donations through the Paypal Donate Button below. In the Paypal final review screen, kindly indicate your TW Username in the provided field labeled "Add special instructions to the seller". We appreciate any support you can give. Thank you!



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