Splash Art
Site members can submit their self-designed Splash Art images to promote their favorite tabletop game or games. Below are the requirements for submitting your Splash Art:

(1) Your work must be original meaning you must be the one who designed or made the new layout for your Splash Art.

(2) No GIF animations will be allowed. Only static images in .JPG or .GIF formats are accepted to save on bandwidth.

(3) The width of the image should be exactly 414 pixels and the height exactly 236 pixels. Dots Per Inch (DPI) should be 72 pixels.

(4) Inclusion of offensive materials/elements in submitted artwork is NOT allowed.

Any artwork found NOT complying with the above requirements shall be automatically deleted and the user who submitted said artwork will be penalized.

Please note that only the ten (10) recently uploaded Splash Art images will be included in the rotating display in the Home page. Also, be wary that sometimes there will be contests or promos related to submission of Splash Arts. So be alert as you may win extra Kredz or cool prizes!

To submit your Splash Art, visit the Media Gallery and upload your image in the Image Gallery: Splash Art album. To visit the album, click here.

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