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Review: Steampunk Rally:: Steampunk Rally Review

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« on: May 18, 2017, 10:00:07 PM »

Review: Steampunk Rally:: Steampunk Rally Review

by Boardgames_abovebeyo


Our Santorini Kickstarter Pledge also came with another game of Roxley. We choose to add this game to our pledge, because it looked really interesting. The game is Steampunk Rally. In the box a lot of colored die are included. This is a real challenge for us, because normally we don't really like games based on luck or the roll of a dice.

In Steampunk Rally you take on the characters of famous inventors. These inventors are all from the last century and know for contructing beautiful contraptions. Therefor steam, heat and electricty is used. A race is held in the Swiss Alps and off course every inventor wants to win.

Strategy is the base for this game. The mechanism of the game is dice-placements, which is quite unique.

The game consists out of a few rounds. Every round we start by drafting cards. These cards are drawn from four different piles. These cards contain machine-parts for their vehicle, but also one-time use bonusses. They will have to choose which card to keep and which card to give away.

These cards can be added to their vehicle or kept. There is an other option as well though. They can throw their drawn cards awai and get die or cogs instead. This makes the choose a real balance on a scale.

Afterward it is checked how many and what color die each player gets. These die are rolled and each player chooses how to use them to activate parts of their machine.

This system is also used to make the machine drive through the alps. The terrain is not really flat though and every inventor has to keep damage in mind. This can cause to machine to fall apart a little more every time. Therefor the vehicle is in constant movement.

This game looked really fun when laying it down on the table and it was a lot of fun. The luck of the game due to the die is negotiated, because higher numbers may be better, but they're much more difficult to remove.

During the game I was afraid to loose parts of my machine. I can already say that it is no problem to remove certain parts. This can cause a better lay-out of the machine. I had a lot of fun playing the game. Our game took around 90 minutes. There was never a dull moment and everyone can make use of their own tactics. I would suggest this game when someone is looking for a not to complex, quick to play game.

For me this game is thumbsup 8/10

Source: Review: Steampunk Rally:: Steampunk Rally Review

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