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Author Topic: Review: Fruit Salad:: Fruit Salad - Designer N/A - I should have known - quick review  (Read 15 times) Bookmark and Share
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« on: August 12, 2017, 10:00:06 PM »

Review: Fruit Salad:: Fruit Salad - Designer N/A - I should have known - quick review

by tiagoVIP

Fruit Salad is a memory game mixed with reaction speed. The rules are straightforward: first two dice are rolled, which will inform the goal for the round (for instance: 6 oranges). Then each player reveals, one at a time, a card from his deck, showing it for everyone while putting it in the middle, forming a stack of cards. Each card has one or more types of fruits and a normally from 1 to 3 of them. When the player thinks the pile already has the required number or more of the fruit, he, quickly, puts his hand above the stack. The game halts and a count is made. If the player is correct, he gains 1 point, keeping one of the cards to mark this, then gives the other cards in the pile in any way he wants to the other players. If the player was wrong, he takes all the cards in the pile, mixing them with his own deck. The winner will be the first to 4 points or the first to play all his cards.

Fruit Salad is, overall, a poor game: the memory aspect demands very little (this can be a positive to some players), giving only some excitement when a card with a minion (which forces one of the two dice to be rolled again, changing the goal of the round) shows up. Normally we all try to reach for the pile at the same time, meaning no one was lost or surprised. The challenge is pretty low. Also, there is a good chance of some good'ol bashing the leader.

The playing time isn't bad - it stays around 15 minutes, which is ideal for a game with basically no decisions.

In the end, Fruit Salad is a kids game, possibly good enough to be used as a tool to exercize memory in an playful environment. Among adults and seasoned gamers, Fruit Salad likely won't be fresh, losing for a mile to other games of similar aspects, like Jungle Speed, SET and Time's Up!. I simply can't recommend this one, but is so short that I wouldn't mind all that much to play other times.


Image credit: W Eric Martin
Source: Review: Fruit Salad:: Fruit Salad - Designer N/A - I should have known - quick review

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