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Author Topic: Bushido Breakers: A Quick Review by The Gentlemen Blogger from To Die For Games  (Read 15 times) Bookmark and Share
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« on: August 12, 2017, 10:00:15 PM »

Bushido Breakers: A Quick Review by The Gentlemen Blogger from To Die For Games

About the Game:

It is the Sengoku period, an era of great unrest within the gravely compromised empire of feudal Japan. Your emperor is nothing but a figurehead while the shogun holds the true power. There are many men who desire to hold the title of shogun and then there is you,

Bushido Breaker is a hidden movement card game of deduction & calculated risks, themed as ninja vs. samurai, that is 2-4 players.

My Thoughts:

I am really impressed by this game. It’s seems like a simple hidden deduction game and when you play as the samurai you’re thinking “I have five of them, how hard can this be?” The answer is very hard. After an alarm goes out or you lose a couple samurai, panic starts to set in. And from the ninja perspective it is satisfying to watch the confidence fade from the player who is trying to stop you.

A couple of times the phrase “WHERE ARE YOU!” was murmured under people’s breath. There is also a good variance of special cards which, if played correctly, can really turn the tide in your favor. There were a couple times I thought I had the perfect special card, only to watch my opponent later play the perfect counter to my special card thus rendering it useless. Also the art is subtle and fits perfectly with the theme.

The Kickstarter for Bushido Breaker runs from July 11th to August 15th and it can be found at: http://kck.st/2ueN29o

Note: This article is being promoted on TGC News because the designer is using The Game Crafter for manufacturing and Kickstarter fulfillment. If you would like to be promoted by The Game Crafter please read the details here.

Source: Bushido Breakers: A Quick Review by The Gentlemen Blogger from To Die For Games

~ From https://www.thegamecrafter.com
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